Monday 12 April 2010

your heart out

it's everyone's favourite london nobody singser/anywhere else but here todayer/yr heart outer's go at minding the shop while i swan off babycakes and oh heavens what sounds the boy has brought...

you'll just melt...

your heart out (zip)

and for the muddled and unbuttoned ...

o grupo - alvorada

jose mauro - apocalipse

pat bowie - feeling good

johnny harris - footprints in the sand

the lewis sisters - it matters not at all

cynara e cybele - januaria

betty blake - moon and sand

don't say i didn't warn you



ally. said...

why don't I have everything ever by the lewis sisters? why don't I even know if there's more? it's an outrage

Mick said...

Fantastic selection - never heard any of them before. What pure melancholy joy.

PC said...

Lotsa Lewis here:

I too owe my awareness of them to the good Sir Kevin.

ally. said...

ooooh ta very much pc - i'm heading there as soon as i've drunk this tea

and mick - it's a lovely isn't it - i thought you might like it

spud said...

Moody,dreamy,cool. My faves: Moon and Sand. And Footprints On The Moon because it sort of reminds me of so much other great music - Michel Legrand, Junior Walker, Gato Barbieri's theme for Last Tango In Paris.

Kenneth Baker said...

I'm a huge fan of Dusty Springfield - I just heard about this new original DVD series: youtube(dot)com/profile?user=britishinvasiondvds#g/u

ally. said...

oh thanks for the tip dearie - i'm right there