Thursday 22 April 2010

the final countdown

riah - zhooshed
drag - bona
slap - trowelled

do troll along duckies if you're that way inclined

creative source - you can't hide love

be bold



Kippers said...

What, the Carmel?

planet mondo said...

Have a good one Ally - I'm sure you'll fill the floor and raise the roof.

Simon said...

Have a great night mate, I wish I could make it from Wiltshire!

Carmel said...

O lawks... NO! not THE Carmel...just me. Chaka Carm. And I TOLD Mr 99p Soul this would happen if he billed me thus. So, if you're expecting the sultry Scunthorpe songstress you'll have a bad day but if it's tasty soul and lots of dancin' you're after, we'll be giving that and more, more, more...

Lovely flutiness on that there Creative Source track, Ms Ally. See you Saturday.

davyh said...

Lovely. But you're 'out of bandwidth' baby x

ally. said...

ta sweeties

'out of bandwith'????? that never happens. i blame all those guests being all bloody popular.

the latest stuff should be fixed in a jiffy but there may be a slight wait on the rest

davyh said...

Got it. Ooh it's fabe x

Darcy said...

This Creative Source track has always been a fave of mine.

Have a good one at Betsey's.

PS. I've been playing some more Dells singles today that I forgot I had.

davyh said...

Ah. You're back. Good. That was a tad worrying x