Tuesday 28 September 2010


for these dank days. i know he's corny as all hell but but this turns the cold bits warm



dickvandyke said...

and moist, allykins

Mondo said...

Perfect for shorter days and longer nights. He was one of Apple Records earliest signings you know

Mick said...

I'm sure James Taylor was a hippy

Carrick said...

and one of the few artists to put a single out on Chip Taylor's wonderfully named Rainy Day Records. Kathy McCord, Alice Clark, and the man himself, Chip Taylor. Pretty good company for a hippy. This JT track did sound nice on this balmy New England rainy day.

Cocktails said...

James Taylor isn't corny, he's lovely!

And I know you've been back a while, but I've been away in the interim and its good to see you back as well!

ally. said...

oh rainy day records - why don't i have them all. or any for that matter. how super. ta for that carrick dear and welcome along.

mick - i know i know. he sings so sweet but i wouldn't trust him. oh no no no

cocktails dearie - oh he is. but lovely with it

dvd - saturated darling

mond - well the beadles did something right then

Tracy Garnish said...

the sort of song that makes me feel safe,secure and inclined to loosen my grip on myself a bit,I trust it because it just means it,with nothing to prove,it's lovely,thanks Ally.Tracy (incase I'm labelled 'Anon' again