Friday 1 October 2010

she's so modern

very occasionally very very very occasionally an almost nearly sorta kinda panic sets in my poor crumpled noggin bout the total absolute complete not a sausage of new with it happening right now sounds spinning about our little ol' lattie. there's not even been the fab latest release from some old soak even older than my old bones. no reformations here no sir. and i worry bout nostalgia. retro is such an ugly word and i know it could get stenciled in some last used on some only made seven episodes in 1973 cop show font on my front door way past easily. big and unscrubable. but i'm done with the new. i know it. i'd feel like a phony. and we know there's nothing worse. i miss it and all you know that thrill that insiderness that saturday morning rush soul jazz to rough trade to selectadisc to heaven knows where that knowing you're on it got it with it miles ahead ever moving forwardness but i've not been since oooooooh a long time ago really. a scary long time now it hits. turntablists drums and basses or some such a last real gasp and i worry that that too was really just the start of phonyisms not true love not real. there's always the fanclubs and the labs and the jills and erykahs and angies and beasties and all but even those treasures are in the mists somewhere not true to the now somehow. so i guess i'm heading back. but not to nostalgia. not retro. with greedy ears and shiny spectacles ever moving forward (only backwards)

smokey robinson and the miracles - i'll try something new

young disciples - step right on (promo)

jill scott - be ready



Simon said...

You don't need the new. I barely listened to any new for a couple of years, and I thought it was all done. Then the past year has been all about the new for me. But not the new I thought it would be. Top 40 singles abound in my household.

davyh said...

My thing is this: if I haven't heard it yet, it's new (to me).

Inscrubable, huh?

Love that pic.


ally. said...

that's why i don't feel nostalgic davy old stick - there's old new every day out there flinging itself about like i don't know what. i mean there's most of smokey's output for starters...

Darcy said...

I'm with you ally & davy.

The new to me today was a Mighty Wah! album that I picked up at a booty recently and played for the first time today! and !
Closely followed by a great little package of 45s that dropped through the letterbox - james brown, freda payne, nancy wilson, and first choice.

davyh said...

Exactly. There's what, 70 years of it out there at least? I haven't even scratched the surface and time is pressing.


Are we ready?

Shiny specs on?



Simon said...

True enough, there's plenty of new in the old; Motown's entire back cat is full of stuff that you'll not have heard, so is Stax, and Blue Note and Trojan, and a huge amount of 70s reggae...then there's all the little guitar bands, and the jazz funk tunes and then all the British rnb that's coming out lately...put the radio on!

Anonymous said...

all of the above makes perfect sence
thats exactly how i feel. i here a tune from any decade and if ive not heard it and it grooves me its a brand new sensation, ally will you email me and tell me how to get on here so in not under anonymous cos its not even like im zoro or somthing i allways leave my name. cheers glen the masked avenger grainger

davyh said...


Rob Ryan said...

we used to have 'i'll try something new' on a cassette labelled ANGEL MUSIC.

Anonymous said...

Gawd luv ... we're all about 'old' here at Chez Shirl as you know. So many wonders to plunder from 'the past' in a Doris Stokes kinda manner. I've just taken ownership of 30 Connie Francis 45's and am having a highball flipping from A to B and back again!

mr.K shuns the term 'retro' for 'vintage' He reckons 'vintage' suggests music that has a somewhat 'comfortable' and 'cosy' air to it.
The manservant likes to play it safe and gags at the thought of the Gagas of this world.

yours in a twinset

Tracy Garnish said...

...and when it's new and I'm touched,it'll do for me thanks very much...and the old and the deep have such secrets to keep.
Keep flowing,wherever you're going!!

spud said...

Sort of know what you mean. Unearthing unknown old treasures feels just as fresh as tuning into the new.

If I divvy up my collection into....

a)old stuff
b)recent stuff by oldsters
c)new acts that are consciously retro
d)new stuff that wears obvious influences or evolutions from old stuff

...then it doesn't leave very much over. Does that matter? Youth always craves brand new everything because all the existing gear already belongs to somebody else. At my age I'm just relishing the long backstory, and stirring the deepening flavours into this big rich tasty musical stew that I first put a light under about half a century ago.

ally. said...

oh rob - angel music... how absolutely perfect

shirl - connie'll do that - you'll be a busy but very happy bee. can't toll those start hitting the airwaves

tracy - welcome along dearie... i'm flowing i'm flowing. well alright dribbling...

spud dear - spot on with the craving youth thing. desperately. now i do love a deep flavour

BLTP said...

also old is more available now than when i were lad what with places like this and rest of the web. In the past shops only had space for the new mostly and because you had to buy music largely to hear it I suppose we fell into the new. Now when you can listen to music so easily and in many cases for free a whole world of tunes is available to enjoy. Not sure it has the romance of crate diving or compilation tapes passed in the common room or in fleeting peel sessions that never get repeated but such an embarrasement of riches it makes your head spin.
Oh and nice tunes btw :)