Monday 25 October 2010

for reg

could the great voices of the world stop bloody dying now please.

the action - since i lost my baby

the action - baby you got it

i can't believe anyone could've survived without this in their record pile but if you've managed somehow you'll wander how. buy now.


Simon said...

I think their version of Since is better than the original. I love his voice. Ah.

davyh said...

And now Gregory Isaacs too : (

Mondo said...

This is my fave - the lyrics seem more appropriate than ever today

ally. said...

Better than the temptations is a hell of an acolade isn't it but i'm with you on since i lost my baby. Their in my lonely room wins too.

oh no not gregory. balls.

Tracy Garnish said...

...a beautiful song 'Since I lost my Baby'...WHAT a terrible week!!! Pants!!!