Wednesday 22 December 2010

double decker

one day i really will learn how to to rattle on in another language i will i will i will. well i won't obviously. thankfully the almost unbearably fabulous lani hall is a whole lot cleverer ...

sergio mendes & brasil 65 - baronbao

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - for me


with everlasting thanks to magic mick beirne for opening my eyes to sergio pre 66



Mondo said...

Did you see the fab Herb Alpert doco on Beeb 4 last Friday - catch it on iplayer if you missed it..

I'm blogging off for they year now (but may nip back New Years Eve) - have a lovely dusty Christmas Miss Ally x

Tracy Garnish said...

Ally,your blog should be called 'bus stop'...what with this,and Glens No.9 finery...and another have your very own already,I just love it,one day I hope to be fluent...Happy Christmas Ally.x

Simon said...

Lovely stuff! Happy Christmas!

davyh said...

Like Simon says. May it be delightful my dear, and thanks so much for bringing us all so many smiles and top, top tunes throughout the year x

ally. said...

and yourselves heartfaces. be good now