Monday 20 December 2010

number nine excursion

sweet brothers darling sisters hands up who like presents who really really likes presents ? hot damn but i do so imagine my joy when a whole bunch of the blighters flew through the post and made my messy bit of world soar. huuuuuuge thanks to the most especially generous young glen grainger his loveliness for a positive depot of delights to warm our cockles and everywhere between and set us off on another glorious number nine excursion... hold on tight now

wolfgang dauner - take your clothes off to feel the setting sun

henry mancini - butterfly

gerry rafferty - her father didn't like me anyway

gil scott heron - race track in france

jon lucien - search for the inner self

oi va voi - refugee (matthew herbert big band mix)

the three degrees - collage


davyh said...

Bless that man.

Do you have them in a zippy to takeaway all at once? And are there free prawn crackers if I do?

Yr Heartout said...

Great xmas present. Just reminded me David Essex mentions the no. 9 in one of his hits. Apologies if 20 people have said that already Ally and Glen.

ally. said...

bless im indeed. i'm trapped far too near the arctic to get to stuff what'll do clever stuff i'm afraid so it's a bit of a cobbled together sort of a week where you'll end up doing more of the work than me

king kev - what essex songs that then guv? seems like a nice boy i always thought


Yr Heartout said...

"Could you picture us on a number 9 bus to Canning Town ..." If I Could ... and cue David:

Anonymous said...

Funk me Glen....tune after tune after tune...I am on my knees.What a fabulous selection...and a happy christmas to you too...Amen that Man!!!

Tracy Garnish said...

Love Potion no.9...xxxxxx,and I am NOT ANONYMOUS!!!!!

davyh said...

No worries, it's good you can do all this from the Frozen North at all, you're a marvel, really you are x

Tracy Garnish said...

...sounding far far better each time I replay them...that snow sure is melting.What a fine Christmas list Glen.Am I cold,Am I hot...???You have the finest Ally...roll on 2011

Tony Russell said...