Friday 14 January 2011

diaries out

that's right chucky eggs it's make a date time again - scrawl on the calendar inform the secretary rummage for the notebook cos the 99p soulers are back for more of your favourite fun and frolics. well alright they'll be playing some records drinking too much and having a little dance. and a sit down. but you know what i mean. old soul for old soaks. i do hope we see you there or at least that you enjoy a bit of join in here and over at the facebook doohicky (press that thing up there over there yep that one and it'll take you)


archie bell and the drells - everybody have a good time

99p soul
saturday 26th february
8pm to 1am
the betsy trotwood
56 farringdon road
99p on the door



dickvandyke said...

Good luck with that poppet, and I'm so glad you and Billy Bourbon came through the snotfest. Perhaps you had the Drells?

ally. said...

if there's not some lot called the hacking coughs then there should be. well alright there shouldn't be but you get my drift. there must've been a the snots surely?

davyh said...

DavyH And The Hacking Coughs, still appearing nightly at ours (to Mrs H's continued - any may I say quite vocal - disgruntlement).

Speaking of which - Sat Feb 26 2011 = Her Indoors "significant" birthday. She's an older woman.

Tony Russell said...

my Mums birthday,so won't be there in body,but ma'am,I will be there in soul!!!!

davyh said...

As far as I'm aware I am not married to Tony Russell's Mum, but you never know.

John Medd said...

Speaking of Olivetti.

ally. said...

davy dear she'd still be the youngest there bar my one. significantly.
tony dear - next time old stick i hope.
and jm - i had that out of the library a while ago and it's smashing. impossible to read without doing it it in his voice