Wednesday 5 January 2011

did you give the world some love today baby?

so five days in and i still don't understand anything other than pointing in answer to donde estan los servicios? am still a stranger texture than i should be around the middle still hungover still desperately unorganazized desperately unready. godammit. not even too sure what's for tea. hot dog i need an inspirational anthem that's what i need. last year doris's did you give the world some love today baby? actually did help. occasionally. it made feeding ducks in the park into a purposeful act made tap turning off and staggering about in the dark and lugging blue bin bags full of a frankly disturbing amount of bottles down four flights of stairs of a sunday evening that bit more oh i don't know... noticeable maybe?
and sharing the stuff i love on here too.
so how's about a bit of the ever so richard harris. richard bloody harris. it's a bit of tearjerker and all but ooh it's rousing and swelling and i'm going to have a burrito for tea.

richard harris - fill the world with love



it was anne over at i like what inspired this with her "i start each year thinking something amazing might happen" and " i keep listening until i believe that glorious, people-powered change is possible" and her stunning choice of matt monro and the zombies to see her through. i do hope doris and harris help too.

come with us, run with us



Simon said...

Happy New Year lovely!

Tony Russell said...

Brave and strong and true,at a moment in my life when the night is due.I hope so.Did I fill the world with love?Yet to be seen,we do our best Ally.
Happy New Year Darling

ally. said...

and yous my dears

davyh said...

oh crikey


Anonymous said...

Enjoy that burrito! God knows January is when inspirational anthems are most needed, so thanks, ma'am.

glen grainger said...

doris fantastic tune from a great lp with a cool cover did you give the world some love, well yes ide say so playing the music you play, and for beeing the beatmaker

spud said...

Happy New Year matey! Looking forward to another great year of musical education from the queen of the scratchy vinyl...

ally. said...

oh yous. ta heartfaces