Thursday 27 January 2011


a quick extra bundle of joy to go with dear davy and his treble to the metal pop moppets

because everyone should have jackie deshannon records and i didn't till not long ago at all. a disgrace i most surely am

jackie deshannon - needles and pins

now hop off and shop deshannon



davyh said...

Oh yes yes yes yes yes x

ally. said...

well i say bundle of joy but what i mean is hurtin' ya hurtin' ya

davyh said...

And I thought I was smart x

Carrick said...

Stylish ladies knitting AND Jackie DeShannon. Oh my! and when oh when will these lovely demos...

...get an official reissue?

ally. said...

there's lovely demos?? ta ever so heartface - i'm right there toot sweet.
me i love how the knitting brings out the characters we always knew - ingrid furious as hell joan pure barking katharine just perfection

Tony Russell said...

Needles and Pins,sing it out loud.Top tune Ma'am