Tuesday 11 January 2011

torment tuesday

wiser now you know but just as big a fool concerning you

dusty springfield - in the winter



from the abandoned never released longing lp


davyh said...

Wonderful x

Mondo said...

That voice *sighs*

ally. said...

ain't it just. and dreadful that it never got released till stuck on some compilation about 2001

spud said...

That's great. Never heard that before. She knows her way around a heartbreaker, Dusty. She can bring out the tragedy without belting, just like when she does 'If You Go Away'.

I like the way the lyrics are so restrained, with so much of the meaning unspoken, while the strings are heaving around underneath them like a tempest of inner turmoil . Terrific arrangement.

Those lyrics are so good that it mad me wonder whether I should give Janis Ian another try. Any thoughts / tips?

spud said...

p.s I like that photo. Is that one of yours?

Tony Russell said...

lovely song,a woman 'alone forever'...no-ones heart breaks as true.Another blanket for the cold Lady,that's what to do.Poor thing

ally. said...

clueless bout janis i'm afraid and sadly that's just a found snap - good though isn't it

Millie said...

Finally managing to listen and comment without being interrupted.
I haven't heard this before but it's just lovely.
Thank you

peteru said...

lovely. best singer this little island has ever produced....maybe