Wednesday 2 February 2011

fancy goods

ooooh look we got fancy dan fliers. aren't they just the very thing. thankyou mister rob

i think we need a big throw your hands in the airer to celebrate

zulema - wanna be where you are

do pop along if you're about it'd be lovely to see you



secondopinion said...

Can't believe it's taken me so many months and years to stumble into such a warm place. I feel so at home I may even take off my coat. So many fine tunes and posts, the urge to book a babysitter is overwhelming.

ally. said...

welcome along heartface

Tony Russell said...

smoooOOoooth tune.Love all that 'hckwu hckwu' Lovely song Ally,might just make it on 26th,child care and Mums birthday celebrations allowing.

ally. said...

it's one of those it's impossible not to do the noises to i always find which is always a plus to any song in my book

and it'd be smashing to see you if you can make it mister - do come and say hello

swiss adam said...

I love your price sticker flier. Very nice.

Millie said...

I was very nearly in Essex on 26th Feb, which can't be that far away can it?..and then they went and changed the date. Love the fliers and wish I could be there, it sounds fabulous

spud said...

What an upful tune! Very good indeed. I've filed that away in part of my brain that likes Linda Williams doing 'Elevate Our Minds.

Expecting to make the next 99p with the missus - see you there if not before.

ally. said...

ain't it just... and who's this williams woman then? sounds mighty fine

it'd be awful lonely there without yous pal