Friday 18 February 2011

rocking steady

just cos it's a wonder and i've never heard a phyllis dillon record i didn't adore

phyllis dillon - perfidia



davyh said...

That's like finding a perfect little priceless jewel in a beaten-up old box.

ally. said...

who you calling a beaten up box? just you wait till i get you home young man....

i had to look up what perfidia meant
(spanish for "perfidy", as in faithless, treacherous or false)

the wikipedia page is full of quality facts including mentions for casablanca, cliff, wong kar-wai, the mask of dimitrios, and george and martha which in my excitment was george and mildred

Tony Russell said...

wrapped tightly in perfidia myself at times I feel.It's been emotional,and I leave you with love and pains me to go,but well 'you know' X

davyh said...

For me it's ancient memories a version by Glenn Miller couretsey Mum & Dad and Ritchie's friends' band playing it in Happy Days. Plus Bert Weedon.

And I meant the scratchy 45 young lady, as well you know x

Thombeau said...

I held the future in my hand once, and now it's the past.

ally. said...

oh i know dear i know

spud said...

I've loved the Phyllis Dillon one since I picked it up on a comp called 'Rocksteady Soul' some years back. Before that I was all about the Dorothy Lamour version ( from 'Hollywood Sings: The Girls', 50p vinyl from Brixton Barnardo's).

Am I sounding camp enough yet?

ally. said...

effortlessly duckie