Friday 1 July 2011

day twenty six

"a song that you can play on an instrument"

does whistling count? or irritating tapping? clapping? i had a guitar once oh lord it was so pretty that big red hofner verithin bigsby arm and all and the strum it made the amazing rattling jangle it made well you would've just well you just would've... but a song come now a whole song. come now. castanets. i'm sure i could castanet along to something something phil spector or shangri-las or something desperate but there'd be tangling and bruising and a lot of it's harder than it looks you just know it so clapping i can do clapping. in the right places sometimes even. it could've been me...

kitty winter - new morning



davyh said...

Ay caramba! Show me the special facilities and how to use them!

spud said...

Brava! Top tune. I've got a Quantic instrumental version of this. Didn't realise it was a cover.

I'm picturing you in some kind of Dorothy Lamour get-up while you do the clapping, right?