Monday 11 July 2011

bossa monday

the sun is shining we're still full of the mad thrill of adam ant at soho village fete polaroid week kicks off in an hour or so and if i'm really really lucky i get to go to the library later too. hot damn. let's bossa

quarteto novo - zanzibar

another in the just as beautiful on the outside lps collection



davyh said...

Did you get to the library? I took this back today, it was OK, but not good as the older ones. I saw lots of books I've put on the list in my head for times of extended leisure in sunny climes that may or may not actually happen, or maybe rainy evenings with tea.

Bossa on x

ally. said...

michael chabon's sherlock holmes thingy 'the final solution' and 'the hours'. feeling very novel reading all of a sudden. there's a joyce record in soul jazz outtakes and whatnot that looks wonderful but i've not found a record of it yet so...

spud said...

I love it when you bossa.

And whatever happened to Wordless Wednesday?

ally. said...

that'll be tomorrow sorted then