Monday 19 September 2011

housewives rebel

throw off the shackles dear hearts and come with us run with to where the air is good and the day is fine and a pretty girl has her hand in mine and the silver stream is a poor man's wine as saturday night tottenham high road transmogrifies wonderously into the young loves dream of laurel canyon. that's right children tottenham high road is the new hollywood hills right there just up from sunset left of seven sisters. it's a bloomin' miracle.

i shall be doing my very best buttoned up square and playing some records inbetween tutting at the hep youths. this record most definitely

barbara and ernie - play with fire

return to the flower cult canyon
saturday 24th september
399 the high road n17 6qn
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davyh said...

Crikey. You're on the 'circuit'!

ally. said...

i know i know. i'll be moving in next to paul oakenfold and tony blair next. if the hippies don't get me

ally. said...

is it buttoned down square or buttoned up?

davyh said...

up, definitely.

glen grainger said...

love this track, sounds like a great night out

Swiss Adam said...

Buttoned up to the neck but buttoned down collars.

spud said...

I did wonder whether you'd be able to mine enough flower-power out of the Dusty archive when Gareth threw down the tie-dye challenge. Clearly not a problem because this is groovier than a pair of needlecord hipsters. Much as I like what the brass are geting up to towards the end, this one's all about the bass and bongos for me (wouldn't it be great if there were a genre called b'n'b?).