Tuesday 27 September 2011

let's get lavender

lord help us but east london pride the first bit of homosexual freedom fighting worth trolling about for in an awful while what with the bashing and the stickering and the general rottenness all over the place getting way past out of hand managed 500 rebels 500 brave and strong souls 500 ah gee. not that i went obviously what with afternoon birthday boozing and time traveling record playing and all but oh heavens the shame of it.

and just when beautiful dirk had just wowed the living room again too. it's worn astoundingly well really it has. go watch sweet things

and go blimey to nancy

nancy wilson - where does that leave me?

and stand up for your love



spud said...

Good on the marchers. (Wasn't that postponed from an earlier date after one of the (then) organisers turned out to have been combining gay activism with EDL membership? Maybe the low turnout for this one was a knock-on effect and it was unjustly tainted by association...)

'Victim' is just one of the greats in the Dirk pantheon, groundbreaking as it was. 'The Servant' will always be my fave. And I've got a soft spot for 'Cast A Dark Shadow' from the pre-arthouse days where he plays a murderous toyboy narcissist with a full set of contemporary queer signifiers: pinkie ring, white socks, muscle mags. And let's not forget spy thriller 'The Mindbenders' in which Dirk's brainwashed in a flotation tank until he starts hallucinating, alternating between husky erotic murmuring and thrashing his limbs about as he bellows 'Knees Up Mother Brown'.

Oh, don't get me started...

davyh said...

Gosh, that chap who wrote the tabloid article seems to know an awful lot about 'them' eh?

Let me know if I can help in any way. Sponsored disco-dancing, that sort of thing x

Ravel said...

Awful newspaper article. And I guess there were many like this one out there...
He knew a lot, indeed. *&%/$%? spy!

ally. said...

blimey spud dearie that's a dirk season begging to be watched specially what with not knowing cast a dark shadow or the mindbenders. how exciting

disco dancing always helps duckie sponsored or no

and howdy ravel pleasure to have you along