Wednesday 26 October 2011

her latest flame

obssessed with this at the mo... can't quite tear myself away

deathly horace and all the serious youths of the netherlands

singing along to myself the jeri southern version

and the sweat dripping

and all those stupendous shots of big chords and rimshots and fat strings

oh boy

horace silver quintet - senor blues (live)



glen grainger said...

great stuff, some times a record just hits the spot and i can fully undersdand why this hit yours. and i rekon that croud were digging it in there own way, when i saw ray charles i was transfixed.

Anonymous said...

"Serious Youths of The Netherlands" ... now there's a group title!

ta ally ... this was lovely and you know what they say?

"an obsession shared is ... "

mr.K & radioShirl

davyh said...

Yes, oh yes. I highly approve of this sort of thing x

spud said...

Lovely lovely stuff. And it does look just as good as it sounds.

Have you noticed that Fopp are banging out 'Horace-Scope' for three quid? It's from 1960 so it's pretty much this group, and it's got some great tuneage on it.

Three of the musicians (Cook, Mitchell and Taylor) also turn up on a Blue Mitchell album from 1965 called 'Down With It' which I personally consider to be the biz, featuring a shakin' 8 minute twist-friendly version of Hi Heel Sneakers. Recommended.

But what are Junior Cook's albums like? Don't think I've ever heard any? Have you? There's always something to buy next!

darcy said...

Magical. It's so good the tears are rolling down my cheeks.

Tracy Garnish said...