Wednesday 19 October 2011

i haven't stopped dancing yet

well alright so i have stopped dancing yet truth be told i haven't stopped resting my poor old worn out lallies hell my poor old worn out all the bloomin rest of me but my it was worth it yes indeed. my favourite of the 99ps so far and if you made it along thank you ever so. for all the poor folk stuck far far away or tucked up cosy indoors i thought it'd be nice to share some of the evenings most specialestest charms and mister rob's very kindly sent along a right little bunch of crackers to get us started bless his heart

exportations - i want you

montclairs - hey you don't fight it

jimmy rae - that'll get it

et white and the great potential - got to find a true love

there'll be more to come tomorrow so see then sweethearts


drew said...

Some damn fine tracks there Ally.

Sometimes I do wish I lived in London

davyh said...

We spend all our nites driving shiny Morris Minors round Piccadilly Circus Drew, you'd love it.

glen grainger said...

top draw,no morris minor just memeries of our ford anglia, what a moter.

ally. said...

oh what a motor. and i can't even drive