Monday 12 March 2012


remember all those intro doohickeys? and that there was a prize for who guessed most? and that it was ricky? oh you do.... well we're all a winner around here and caring and sharing and all kinds of everything so here's what the actual cassette actually sounded like actual like...

decorative laminate side one

decorative laminate side two



for those who might want to know...
dusty - come back to me/ gene - backstage (i'm lonely)/ frankie - the proud one/ dinah - cold cold heart/ anthony - feelin' good/ blossom - mad about the boy/ barbara - hello stranger/ billy - i'd never find another you/ jackie - in my tenement/ skeeter - the end of the world/ percy - please send me someone to love/ nancy - where does that leave me/ billy - this diamond ring/ betty and jerry - our day will come/ anthony - who (can i turn to)/ dusty - the corrupt ones/ blossom - the shadow of your smile/ timi - what's a matter baby/ elvis - summer kisses winter tears



davyh said...

Splendidness! x

Anonymous said...

Bogart and Nancy Wilson. Great mix. Interesting. Great sound, too.

ally. said...

glad you liked it sweetpea