Wednesday 7 March 2012

a gift

so who remembers compact discs then? hands up. i bought five of them i think. six maybe. the scott walkers i taped and left with the chap upstairs who had the right sort of machines for that sort of thing. i suppose a few things got taped along the way. then years later not too long ago really i bought that first hem lp then their ep doodah of covers that one with the lovely version of valentines day on and i think that might be the lot. apart from stuff for my dad and sister. oh and that roddy frame beauty. surf. i never got on with them. never approved really. and couldn't get the plastic off or open the case without breaking it. sorry everyone whose compact disc cases i've broken. more than anything i resented the extra tracks and grew bitterer and bitterer towards them with every passing oh lordy how i'd love to hear that. and i really really really hated how they buggered really special albums. i mean albums like collections. like watertown and the dusty lps for starters. things that finished where they finished on purpose. you know. anyway what i meant to say was i've wished i had this song to play whenever i liked for such a time. and then the the lovely davy sent it over. songs like this being out there without me all this time make think i might've been slightly misguided

marvin - symphony


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davyh said...

And how good is that 'composer' credit? Marvin Gaye/William 'Smokey' Robinson...