Friday 4 May 2007


i hate shopping. it's because i'm way past fussy. i need shoes desperately but i can't find any i like. trainers i can do because you can only wear stan smiths, superstars, nizzas, jack purcells, or all stars. that is more choice than anyone could ever need. and there are some vans too , at a push.

occasionally shopping is easy. today you can buy the waltones lp. just like that. you can go in a shop and ask for it, or you can get it from piccadilly records for 7.99 or even download it from cherry red. easy. it's all their medium cool singles and lp and an unreleased single and some other stuff, and in case you're worrying - yes it does have that one that starts ' wipe this gravy off my jumper', one of the most fantastic opening lines ever to grace seven inches of black plastic.

to get you in the mood for a weekend of guitary pop joy here's one of their noisier ones off of a peel session
the waltones - smile (peel session 24.08.88)
you've got to hand it to 'em


Anonymous said...

got it already and it's a cracker. is the peel stuff being released?

Donand said...

Waltones, brilliant band and good people.
Great blog Ally.