Sunday 13 May 2007

you just tape tape tape

many of you little readers probably don't know what this thing above is - well it once caused the death of the music industry (nearly). i continue to fight that good fight by using them to record downloads.
home taping illegal downloads is killing music.
i worry about a world without obsessed teenagers spending hour after should be doing their homework or hanging around outside the chippy hour hunched over a stereo desperately waiting for the stupid radio to play the song that will make a well trained finger stab at the pause button and capture a never to be repeated treasure. or just tape the whole top forty. hell just tape something. can you do that with all that digital stuff? i bet you can and it's just that i'm an idiot and don't know how. and i bet they can all do it loads easier without the station wandering off or turning into the weather forcast in poland or some taxi rank controller. in that case good riddance you stupid bloody cassette.

anyway... i've dug out some old tapes and found some brilliant stuff. peel sessions are everywhere but the other bbc evening shows don't seem to pop up very often. probably because kid jensen, richard skinner, janice long and whoever else was on before peel were such phonies. and because radio one only went fm late on so the reception was always all over the place.
the quality of most of the stuff on the tapes is awful but there's still things worth hearing.
first up is an orange juice session from kid jensen's show. it's the pre rip it up lp stuff and sounds a billion times better in this muddy, terrible reception state. i got the rip it up lp the day it came out and took it back the next day crushed with disappointment.
it was rubbish.
and they looked hilariously stupid in bad stylist make up.
why did you let them do this to you boys..?
oh yeah. a top ten hit.
well i hope it was worth it.

at least they looked their old selves by the time the bloke from the nme came round. here's a thing from october 1982 to get you in the mood.

so here's your tunes, from a battered radio/cassette player in a northern bedroom
in spite of it all is two hearts together in disguise, i can't help myself is still the hit that should've been, and mud in your eye is transformed into something al green would've been proud of.
orange juice - kid jensen session 24th april 1982
in spite of it all
i can't help myself
mud in your eye


FiL said...

My right index and middle fingers are each approximately a half inch shorter than their counterparts due to all the hasty stabbing of play/record buttons in my yoof...

And Kid Jensen. Wot's he all about?? All's I know is that while living in the UK I grew sick & tired of folks telling me that I sound like him...

ally. said...

i shall read all your words in his voice from now on

nancy said...

I've got a hundred or so tapes full of Peel and Janice Long sessions, the thought of sifting through them has always been daunting. Someday, the Orange Juice article--poor James Kirk, he gets no respect!

Anonymous said...

i love you for posting these...haven't heard them since broadcast.

entrailicus said...

Thanks for your recent comments, they mean a lot to me!

I've added a link to your blog in my favourites.

Please keep going!

ally. said...

nancy - you know you want to. i'm mainly astounded by the appalling crap that fills most of mine.
allan - it's a pleasure sweetie.
entrailicus - it's a good thing you've got going over there.

BLTP said...

fantastic post, I remember taping this and playing it on repeat over and over (i had a very fancy tape deck). more please

ROOKSBY said...

I've never heard the Jensen sessions before, thanks loads for sharing... x