Tuesday 14 August 2007

16 truck driving hits

i should never start these regular features but at least this one follows the each week builds into a fantastic collection for you to treasure rules - rope em in with a bargain flashy first issue then get horridly sidetracked with a host of other rubbish and only get round to the rest of it when you can't think of anything else.

so here's part two of your make your own truck driving hits compilation eventually but i wouldn't hold your breath. or at least only plan very short journeys.

i was mighty impressed by the recommendations that came flooding in after issue one but i'd pretty much never heard of any of them and i'm still trying to find red sovine records so you'll have to settle for the corny old muck i've cobbled together.

you know you can't resist a song with the champion of champions say it funny so it rhymes lines

there's been a load of compromising
on the road to my horizon

oh yes it's 'rhinestone cowboy'. we saw glen campbell playing to a hall full of old ladies last year - it was sad as hell and we ran off to the boozer in tears after two songs. he was trying the poor dear but nothing was going to rouse the massed ranks of manchesters retired. when they started clapping along out of time i wished i'd remembered my uzi...

glen campbell - rhinestone cowboy

this handsome chap is loy allen bowlin and you can read all about his rhinestone studded house, dentures, and polyester creations at the kircher society


Anonymous said...

I'd have maybe gone for something by Jimmy Webb. Still it's your blog.
Check this clip out. We know Stevie can do this stuff in his sleep but Glen is a revelation you have to hang on for the second verse but it's really worth it.

ally. said...

there's plenty jimmy webb to come don't you worry

FiL said...

I go into cheese shock when I encounter most truckingalia. But I will never, ever, EVER be able to repay you sufficiently for introducing me to The Kircher Society. I am a FiL besotted...

Anonymous said...

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