Monday 20 August 2007

not another one

now jon lucien has died. there's going to be no one left at this rate. bollocks.

if i had to have a favourite song, well if i was absolutely tortured to pieces and had to name just one or i'd get tortured even more, or if someone just gave me a large gin, i'd shout would you believe in me off of rashida that lp i paid fifty quid for and then it got rereleased and now you can get it for five ninety nine in selectadisc or whatever it's called these days. i'm not going to try and explain why or how or anything because it's too magical and means too much to me but everyone should own rashida if only for evil terry thomas style seduction nights. it will never fail you i promise.

jon lucien - would you believe in me

i know you'd never guess it but occasionally i'm a sucker for a musical. not a horrid west end abomination but a calamity jane or a my fair lady or an oliver!
see if you can spot the bit that always makes us howl and spend the rest of the day pronouncing things stupidly in this fabulous version of little twists burst of joy

jon lucien - who will buy

so goodbye jon lucien - you made records i love.


davyh said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

FiL said...

Sigh, it sounds so much better with the crackle and odd pop, doesn't it?? worth every penny of the fifty quid, Dearest Ally.

I'm not a big musical fan myself. Apart from Sweeney Todd. And Brecht/Weil (do they count as musicals?). And Hedwig. And Little Shop of Horrors. That's it.

Oh, and was it "lee-zhoor?"

Rob said...

that is a chooon

Lies said...

But strangely he would probably swap living on through his music for one more day in an old people's home sucking on rice pudding.

So It Goes said...

Where you gone, ally? No posts for a month? That's not like you...please come back. Steve x

davyh said...

Yes come back Miss Ally, come back; the bloggernet is a duller, duller place without you hun.

Happy Birthday???!! X

FiL said...

Yes, if the rumours are true, have a bona --nay, fantabulosa-- day. Heck, I hopeyou do even if the rumours are false, dearest Ally!!

Anonymous said...

wicked blog - just started my own! Let me know what you think

Suspect Beat Digging

Mondo said...

There's a touch of the Blockheads about this loose groove Wake Up And Make Love, What A Waste..... it's the sort of riff that jamiroquai's been trying to ride for years

marmiteboy said...

Bugger that didn't make the news did it. 'Whi Will Buy' is such a fabulous record although 'Listen Love' is my favourite. I was lucky enough to see Jon a few years back and it was a great gig. This guy should have been, if there had been any justice, massive. Things are nevr fair though.

ally. said...

listen love bursting out of dingwalls on a sunday afternoon will live with always