Wednesday 3 October 2007

днем рождения Земли

it's silver suits and red stars and universal translators all round as we say happy birthday sputnik. i don't know what you did all the way up there, you didn't look half as fabulous as telstar and you're weren't half littler than i thought you'd be but you beat the yanks after all and i promise i'll look stuff up in time for next year. i hope you all will too.

there are unimaginably huge amounts of records out there i covet and now i've found another. here's the only clip i could find
sputnik - the earth satellite


FiL said...

Daragaya Alli! Ochen haroshi post! Molodyets!!

Er, for the non-Russki speakers I think that essentially means "bang up job, Dearest Ally!!"

But I believe your post title sorta translates to "Happy Birthday Land...?"


ally. said...

ta luv - well at least it doesn't say something rude - those translator buttons just can't be trusted

So It Goes said...

You resisted the temptation to post 'Telstar' again? And you chastised me for using French?? dear o lor ;-)

Mondo said...

Cosmonauts were always so much cooler than Astronauts.

And Evel Knievel's Sky Cycle was a space age style classic

mr.kenneth said...

luvverly to see you back posting, ally!

Shirl was ready to shag someone from Interpol ... or was it the KGB? ... anyhoo ... it was some hunk with a penchant for vodka and an exotic tongue, just to get the lowdown on your whereabouts and well-being!

"any excuse" I hear you say .. and you wouldn't be far wrong, luv :)

thank goodness you returned just in the nick, as I'd make a lousy matron of honour. Wearing a lime green kaftan and a pork pie hat is *not* how I would like to be remembered.

its always "silver suits and red stars and universal translators" round here @ Chez Shirley as you could probably imagine, but in honour of your return to blogland and Sputnik's birthday, I'm going outside in the dark, light a sparkler and wave my arms in an emotional roundabout!

*be smooched*

yours in alfoil
mr.K & Shirl

BLTP said...

It'll be big in Ibza next summer that bit where it goes up in pitch will have them going mental.
There's been a long term plan in our family to get one of my nephews called Yuri but to no avail.
yours the chief Designer...

Anonymous said...

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Spotnicks, a swedish Twangy guitar band that used to wear brilliant space suits on stage:

Here they are slaughtering My Bonnie

Mondo said...

There's great feature on sputnik this highly recommended site, plus 3 great downloads and a daily Halloween countdown

ally. said...

thanks ever so everyone
- the new show at radio shirley is high quality
-space suits on stage have to make a comeback surely
-excellent pinko paranoia