Monday 1 October 2007

you're a heartbreaker

these sad lovely treasures from paul kelly and the saint etienne lot are up at i like already but they're so gorgeous i thought they should be everywhere.
the tea rooms

the copper grill

new piccadilly

treasure lorelei on bateman street and the regency over in pimlico while you can my sweets


Mondo said...

Copper Grill was 5 minutes from where I work, but has gone now. (before i could give it a taste test)City Corner nearby is still holding on tho'.

I'd been planning to visit Chelsea Kitchen in Kings Road but just missed it,have done Picasso's though but wasn't that impressed.

I've got a horrible feeling Pellicci's in Bethnal Green will be gone before I get visit - Check out for great list of surviving and extinct caff's

Anonymous said...

whats really depressing about the commentary from the bloke at the New Piccadilly is how he thinks it's about just cups of tea. It's amazing and depressing how blind he is to the historical and cultural significance of the place.

ally. said...

i think he knew how people treasured his caff but in the end it wasn't enough to stop the whole block being bulldozed for a dastardly new piazza type thingy. there are some great flats and a bunch of other stuff going too.
i hope the old dear enjoys his retirement

Alastair McKay said...

what a lovely film. i went by there the other day just in case there was a skipful of formica outside, but, no, it was just all boarded over. very sad.

ally. said...

i shall be avoiding that bit of town for a while till the hurt fades a little and it's all been bulldozed. it's heartbreaking seing the tearooms fall apart all neglected even though i could swear there's occasionally a light on...