Friday 9 November 2007

oh the shame of it

i'm sorry so very very sorry. i've not just let you down i've let myself down. and the fantabulosa institution that is the bona school of polari. i can't think of any words that begin with i. it's a disaster. i know i know... you're not angry you're just disappointed.
and i dread to think what kenneth will have to say.

i suppose at a push we could have the oh so obvious

meaning a sexual partner but i think that's just being desperate. i'm a disgrace really i am.
i do keep meaning to ask for a gin & it when i'm down the boozer but invariably get swayed by a vodka & slimline dave (on the slate, half a lager for the boy) but shall try harder from now and titter to myself slyly as i do. although gin can make me a bit teary on the wrong sort of day so i'd best be careful.

at least the everyday folk have ice cream to cheer them

i scream
you scream
we all scream
for ice cream
(ideally sung in an italian accent. and with tom waits, who i can't imagine liking ice cream much)

to make up for such a poor show here is very probably the greatest single in the whole world. an a and b side of such enormous brilliance that you'll be stalking ebay and digging through over stuffed cardboard boxes till you weep even though you've obviously got both tracks on the young mods forgotten story lp already. sometimes only a 45 will do.

the impressions - choice of colors
the impressions - mighty mighty spade & whitey


davyh said...

Ah, Curtis, Curtis, Curtis...

Does the leedle ref to TW mean you forked out for 'Closing Time' BTW?

If so, you best avoid the veras while listening heartface...x

Anonymous said...

Top tunes. How many other 45s can you think of where both sides are that good?

How come I can hear a slight authentic vinyl warpy woobliness on 'Colours' but not on 'Mighty'? Because it's a slower song, I suppose.

Is your 45 at all bendy?

ally. said...

davy - i did get closing time and it's a corker innit, but the waits ref was a down by law one. top film.

spud - all my records have seen better days and do awful things no matter how nice i am to them. but i love them anyway

marmiteboy said...

That is one heck of a 'b' side Ally. One of the most dreadful things about the cd is that there are no proper 'b' sides these days. All you get is 4 or 5 very dull remixes of the lead track. And that is a shame.

Anonymous said...

My copy of We're a Winner is a re-issue with Keep on Pushing on the other side, but I don't suppose that counts.

Pump It Up b/w Big Tears by Elvis Costello & the Attractions is a big fave from my teenage years.

The Beadles weren't averse to putting a goodun on the flip of a single, though I know that cut's no mustard around this blog, but Paperback Writer b/w Rain is the high watermark of their career in my book, and Can't Buy Me Love b/w You Can't Do That is another pocket gem.
Sly & The Family Stone put Sing a Simple Song on the flip of Everyday People, and I Want to Take You Higher on the b side of Stand which is an embarrassment of riches.

Apparently Scott Walker put The Plague my fvourite solo track of his) on the B side of Jackie - but I only know that through the magic of Google so it's time to stop now.