Monday 7 January 2008

biological hazard warning

so we're still here in the dark and rainy north. the fair is packing up and pulling out now they've run out of customers for the incredible exploding women show and we're waiting for the council to turn up to start fencing us in and putting up the beware ye all would enter and site of plague pit jan 2008 signs or at the very least hoardes of mad scientists in space suits like when ET's poorly to start prodding us and doing dastardly experiments.
i'm using the occasional gaps in the coughing spluttering and sneezing to have a good old cockney walkabout practice what with the dear old east end being the centre of all fashion and culture these days. well my pal roy's stall's down brick lane anyway. i can't find any clips of vic and bob showing how it really should be done unfortunately so you'll have to make do with the small faces and the artful dodger and work it out of yourselves. cor blimey.

small faces - lazy sunday (bbc session version)


Mondo said...

I LOVE the Small Faces - What a top tune this is, Tin Soldier's another winner(Weller's made a career out reworking T Soldier).

Son of a Baker, Rolling Over and the early period Booker T type instrumentals - you can't go wrong with the mighty midgets. Marvellous.

Small Fakers, the tribute band are excellent if you're into that sort of thing too.

davyh said...

If we feel like some refreshments, which might be a good idea, we can go to the "Cake House" indeed.

davyh said...

If we didn't feel so vomitty, presumably x

mr.kenneth said...

Ally's Nut Gone Flake?

terrif tune!

keep those mittens on, luv!
*be smooched*
mr.K & laS