Monday 28 January 2008

fog fog fog

what a treat - barely unpacked and glorious london wakes us to a right pea souper. cor blimey guv'nor. the post office tower is gone, the end of berwick street is the merest hint of blue posts and flower stall, and centrepoint is two storeys and a ghost of the 20th century. fantabulosa.
so i proclaim a fog day of mufflers and brandy and collars turned up and sherlock holmes. this is a smasher with a brilliant bit of deducing on a tube train...

sherlock holmes - his last bow - the bruce-partington plans



Kippers said...

Blinky blonky blimey, guv'nor! That's a proper perishin' treat an' no mistake.

BLTP said...

shall we meet at 'ackney cabs drivers brazier to warm are 'ands matey, guvnor oh the fogs gone.... :)