Friday 25 January 2008

folky friday

no sandals or beardy weirdies but the james dean of indiana to send you pot smoking and protesting and peace signing into the weekend.

phil ochs - love me i'm a liberal

phil ochs - changes

and curtis mayfield as pop show presenter - well i never did.


Mondo said...

I've just added two things to my weekend to do list

1)Put a 'Nuclear Power No Thanks' sticker on me guitar

2) Pronounce record as reh-could until I'm told to stop.

Didn't know Phil O' before this, is he a Johnny Cash fan?

davyh said...

We should have had Curtis doing The Tube in the 80s with Paula and Jools, woulda rocked.

Bit real these songs aren't they? Alabaster in a world of plastic.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the democratic party....Love, love, love me, I'm a liberal was one super song. Thanks

ally. said...

he's tops is phil. well he was - the poor disentchanted sod killed himself around 1973.

Anonymous said...

He has a look of Shaking Stevens doesn't he. And of course he had his gold Elvis suite phase didn't he?