Tuesday 29 January 2008

the view from her room

so the fog's finally lifted to bring me back my beloved centrepoint and the brandy bottle's got put away again just in time for some organ powered jazz lounge beat awesomeness (man i'm with it) straight out of 304 holloway road and a stint with the tornadoes. most of the peddlers repertoire is bleedin awful but there are tucked away treats which keep bringing me back to that bizarrely fuzzy voice and tower ballroom sound

the peddlers - on a clear day (you can see forever)

the jazz boys go potty over suite london and i'm all for a bit of madness with a symphony orchestra and all but songs that wander all over each other and don't know whether they're coming or going get me all of a tizz. i bought it just for the sleeve scratched to pieces or not and then i have seen came on and the rest didn't really matter

the peddlers - i have seen


davyh said...

WAY cool baby, way cool.

Mondo said...

Lummy I'm flummoxed and in a giddy spin. I never realized Zero 7's 'I Have Seen' was a cover, or that those cheeky Belgian boys Soulwax nicked 'Start Button' from these lot too. It's here if you fancy a blast.


Anonymous said...

Also flummoxed. I love that Was A Bee cover of Clear Day with gruff gravelly Mario Biondi on vocals, but I never realised that they'd more or less directly lifted the whole arrangment from this Peddlers thing. Do you like the Was A Bee one or do you just consider it a rip-off travesty?

Any other covers of this song that you rate, other than Babs? Barney Kessell did a nice one.

I Have Seen is good too. When was the release date? It sounds so 1969. Brian Auger-ish, with a bass line like Soft Machine about to turn into a jazz-rock band. Like the plinky-plonk free improv style intro as well.

Didn't the St Etienne blokes give that album a CD release a year or two back?

Right, off to Camden with 'the jazz boys' now to see Pharoah...


BLTP said...

If that's the view from your new "drum" I am very impressed.

ally. said...

flippin eck - i never thought i'd've got two premier beat spotters flummoxed...
i don't think you can beat the peddlers version and it's impossible not to spend most of it trying to make the noises while doing some serious nodding.
suite london is from 1972 and you can get the cd everywhere though i'd go with the quite good compilation from a little while ago 'how cool is cool'.
old mario's got a great voice but it's just not quite muppety enough to touch roy phillips. i don't know the barney kessell one but it's on my list now.
ta as ever for all y'alls big knowledge