Thursday 9 October 2008

call me sherlock

so our dear friend over at crying all the way to the chipshop is 'busy' huh ? well now we know just what the little tyke is up to... vegas one night atlantic city the next. well i never did.

diana ross and the supremes - love child

with thanks to geoff fox for the atlantic city picture


londonlee said...

At first I thought you'd been playing around with Photoshop then I followed that link and saw there really was a London Lee. Blimey.

Mondo said...

Marvelous - there's a couple of Tamala related tunes on PM today, if you fancy an earful.

davyh said...

The undoubted star appeal of London Lee aside, I rather fancy a look at Bob James's Animal World.

Dane said...

Oh, that Flamingo picture. Oh, oh, oh, oh.