Monday 13 October 2008

modal monday

the day that fairy leaps out of the bushes and grants those three big wishes you've got to be ready teddy no uhming and ahhing and messing the whole darned thing to pieces. mine are easy. there's the one for her and the one for the whole wide stupid world and the selfish greedy me me me one that lets my creaking old bones whirl and twirl and untangle and find the steps somewhere in those big beautiful chords and finally peel themselves off the wall and i dance jazz

yusef lateef - brother john

(it's a right click and save as one this time dears)



davyh said...

You'll need your yashmak with the Middle Eastern vibe, toots x

davyh said...

By the way, did you hear this ? : (

ally. said...

poor old alton - another one down
and jc there is absolutely nothing flippant about a 30" waist

Anonymous said...

30" waist = flippant impossible for most of us these days, I suspect.

Oh,this one, I know this one, almost certainly from Gilles P playing it back in the day. Nothing like a trancey modal vamp to send you off on one and this has definitely got that Trane My Favourite Things mood going on.

And there is something about soprano saxes that makes you picture snakes curling out of wicker baskets, isn't there? Mind you, then it sounds like Yusef's playing tonsil hockey with the snake and that's an altogether more disturbing image.