Friday 3 October 2008

like a motorway

mel torme - comin' home baby


Simon said...

Yay!! Good news!!!

FiL said...

Enjoy a greasy, Little Chef fry-up on the way down!!

davyh said...

I hope you've got your AA Book Of The Road, some Egg Sandwiches, a packet of Murray Mints and a cassette of Roger Whittaker.

Mondo said...

I've got great version of Coming Home by the Bob Bernard Quartet

Dane said...

Oh God I do love this song. By mentioning it, you just forced me to play it.

And if you're road tripping, have fun!

ally. said...

to be honest we came on the train but i just couldn't resist those lovely little cars.
and ta everyone - i've missed you all really i have.

and how good would bob bernard at the bethnal green working mens club've been ? well i don't know cos i've not heard him yet but i'm guessing mighty fine indeed