Monday 27 October 2008

usual please dave

right. that's it. no more booze till... well no more booze till i can't possibly stand no more booze one more second without exploding. i do like a little drink now and again (mainly again) and if there's just me in a corner of a lovely dingy little boozer of a chilly afternoon i'm fine nursing a sneaky half or a tinkling some ice around a tumbler of something sweet it's when there's company the trouble starts. my big mouth just can't stay shut and there's unstopable babbling that turns into incomprehensible rambling before the first bleeding rounds finished. so here goes nothing.

the carpenters - i won't last a day without you


FiL said...

Dearest Ally, one day I hope to enjoy the pleasure of engaging in unstoppable babbling and incomprehensible rambling with you over one of those halfs or tumblers.

So It Goes said...

Lovely song. Got it already, but it's a true gem.
P.S. Don't drink too much, there's a dear. Sorry I haven't visited here for a long time, but TK has been under fire, and I've only just got my head sorted out.

Anonymous said...

(Fellow readers: she's exaggerating. I have reason to know.

She's just as entertaining with a drink inside her as she is on the page. But she does manage to convey the trademark lack of punctuation even with the spoken word...)

davyh said...

You'll get no advice from me (hic)x

ally. said...

fil dear - that would be a lovely day indeed - there's a snug corner of the blue posts ready and waiting

sig - glad you're back with us - it was all sounding a bit doomy round yours but that's the fucking beadles for you. they're best left alone. or poked with a sharp stick.

spud - thankyou very much heartface. i'll try and remember to pause for breath next time

davy and jc - you're a credit to us all

ps i lasted till cooking last nights dinner before a small glass of something red was just too tempting. will of iron me.

Simon said...

Well, we appear to be lasting a week without you. Come back and play!!