Friday 10 April 2009

what do we have for entertainment ?

holiday funday

piccadilly to st james's park

stop for a wave to giro the nazi dog

pelicans, ducks, squirrels. bring walnuts for squirrel feeding. they're eating nuts not burying nuts.

over the bridge and down broadway to scotland yard. wonder if the sign hasn't shrunk.

strutton ground for oxfam bookshop stop off and gordon's jewelers sign and greggs if you need a cheese and onion pasty.

remember that regency street is classic cafe central so save pasty for later. past the astral 8 cos it's full of cabbies and the regency cos it's shut with it's funny opening hours but a gawp at the outside is almost as good then vincent street to tony's cafe for booths and cheesecake and espresso and the best caff sign in the whole city maybe

the rock'n'roll public library. mick jones's shed transported to a little gallery. full of all the stuff you've ever dreamed of nearly. only my blackpool tower is better than his eiffel. really really really try and go if you possibly can.


there were songs too like this that just made it

anthony newley - solitude

at the chelsea space till the 18th of april

ta ever so to my dear pal fred for the pictures


dickvandyke said...

"Spring Collection - another little girl with stars in their eyes"

I love it when you're wide eyed and alive ... all Julie Christie like.

.. And can still play Solitude!

Much love. x

davyh said...

Like Dickie says.

'Go easy, step lightly, stay free' indeedy x

Dane said...

Sounds like a lovely day. And Happy Easter.

BLTP said...

a nice ramble as always

ally. said...

we got ridiculously overexcited and got to sneakily try hats and guitars on. if you can make up over there do.
there'll be lots more pictures next week - i don't want to spoil it for the folks who're going