Tuesday 5 May 2009

here we go

sneaked into the playoffs on the last day. we love you football we do.

ruby & the romantics - our day will come



Mondo said...

I was football mad around 76/77 not the game so much, but the sticker books and those fab Admiral kits - the Coventry side-stripes in particular..

PS keep an eye out for these on ebay - match programmes from 76 featuring ad's for the Sex Pistols first single 'Anarchy'

Mark Robinson said...

I was at Deepdale on Sunday - fantastic atmosphere! I managed to stop myself from invading the pitch at the end - would have been an effort getting my dad over the barrier! I remember running on when Nobby Stiles got us promoted in 78 was it? Anyway - it was great and I've got a funny feeling in my water the playoffs may not go their usual way... Or I have some kind of infection.

davyh said...

I have no idea what you lot are on about but I like the record x

ally. said...

it'sa marvelous record ain't it - i feel terrible just shoving it there with no real fanfare.

mark - i think i was sat on my dads camera bag next to the nets when that pitch invasion happened and being scared stupid.
trying to follow sundays game on the bbc and pitiful updates on 5live was murder. and i think i must have the same bug.

spud said...

Ditto Davy. Don't ask me about footy but the song's nice. I never had a version of this until a friend put the Heptones cover on a birthday comp last year.

This is the original, I guess? It's attractively shiny with it's whooshy Wurlitzer and twinkly glockenspiel (and the sort of metronomic bossa rhythm that disappointed teenage Human League wannabes discovered on their big clunky drum machines back in the late 70s).

Lovely androgynous vocal too.

Why does that organ sound always make me think of ice rinks?

ally. said...

ice rinks - that's what it is. somethings been nagging at my poor little brain everytime i hear this and now i know - ta guv

Fnarf said...

Best of luck in the second leg. I'll wear my PNE pin this time, I'm sure it'll bring them luck.

BLTP said...

There is a world in which Ruby & the romantics plays over the highlights package on MOTD (instead of c*cking kasabian!) In this world Barnsley battle it out for the European Cub against Preston, I won't say who I want to win except it would be just like watching Brazil...
Nice tune as always and I hope you trounce the scummy blades.