Wednesday 13 May 2009


close your eyes

make a wish

count to three

gene wilder/anthony newley & leslie bricusse - pure imagination



davyh said...

So I thought what's she on about now bless her and then I realised WHAT this was and then I found this and watched it with the sound down and your song playing almost in sync...and it was quite, quite splendid x

PS: I'm not really that mad about chocolate, Quality Street at Christmas excepted (though not the hard bastard brazil nut purple ones), but I do like an Oat Flapjack.

ally. said...

in the grip of a deep anthony newley obsession and madly searching for a version of him singing this - just can't get it outta my noggin

BLTP said...

Just a quicky to say you are costing me a fortune on Amazon I’m sat ‘ere listening to Bettye Swann (or however she spells it) flicking thru me copy of English sunshine and there’s more on it’s way and I don’t get paid for 10 days :)
have a good one

ally. said...

let's spend our way out of blah blah blah.