Wednesday 20 May 2009

i spy a little satellite

for the mrs to take her right back to cape canaveral however many years ago today being bored and four and watching an unmanned probe launch. unmanned. and not right up close like on telly with explosions and and all that falling scaffolding stuff and that madly slow lift off that you can't believe will ever get anything anywhere but on some bleechers bloomin miles away safe and sound and dull as hell. i mean if it ain't got spacemen who cares ? (although it does like there might be a cake in there which would be good. space cake. mmmmmmm)

these should all be venus records i know but i got my planets mixed up so saturn'll have to do and it's as good an excuse as i could come up with to play some sun ra.

jonathan richman and the modern lovers - up in the sky sometime

sun ra - saturn



davyh said...

Tell the Mrs they're putting a nice man called Timothy up soon x

BLTP said...

Spacecake made by the drunken bakers it looks like.

ally. said...

don't ya just love those little hats - and i'm desperate for a lab coat with a big pioneer venus patch on the back.

spu said...

Nice tunes. I like some of those older Sun Ra ones that sound like wonky Duke Ellington. Jonathan Richman: charming as ever.

Recommended to anyone who likes Sun Ra: Jerry Dammers's Spatial AKA tributes live. Proper!