Tuesday 14 July 2009

brink of disaster

it rained last week loads and loads and loads. buckets. we were giggling like idiots eating ice cream soaked through ooooohing and ahhhhing at the duck pond in regents park wandering if it really was nice weather for ducks and getting wetter and wetter and not being able to think of another place we'd rather be dripping than just there with the little waterfall and the ducks and all. as long as the lightening didn't get us and it didn't so that was alright.

home all squelchy and some clever clogs had left the windows open. okay i'd left the windows open and it was just the sort of rain that bounces in in huge dollops and turns your bed into a much less comfy and inviting spot than it should've been and your piles of 45s into things that really don't think that having paper covers was quite the bright idea they'd always thought it was and that if they'd wanted a wash they'd bloomin' well've asked for one. and with warmer water at that. so they all had to get stripped and naked and dried off tenderly their poor sodden sleeves dripping and pathetic not sure at all if they'd ever see little chunks of black plastic ever again.

and now all but about twenty of the brave little soldiers are back snug and smart if a bit crinkled and curled at the edges. and washed. and there'll be brand new threads on the way for the worst hit too don't you worry sweethearts.

so let's let the little lovelies do what they do best

lamont dozier - why can't we be lovers

and a little bonus

lesley gore - brink of disaster



Kippers said...


Oh the humanity!

If You Sleeve Me Now you'll take away the biggest part of me...

To paraphrase Larry Grayson: Shut that window!


Mondo said...

The poor things - probably got some dusty and fluff off anyway.

PS are you trying to hypnotize us?

spud said...

Ohmygoodgawd! The horror! I was white with fear just reading that...

Any drying tips for paper sleeves? Blow-dryer? Ironing through a tea towel?

Liking Lamont Dozier very much...

Simon said...

I love that Lamont Dozier. I first heard it on Pete Young's Soul Cellar back in 1983 and wrote it down in the back of my english jotter at the time. Never got hold of it until a couple of years ago. Solid gold.

ally. said...

i've just about stopped fretting - and lamont sure did help.

how ace must it be to write all those amazing songs then open your mouth and sing like that?
and i still have a horrid feeling that holland-dozier-holland means nothing to most folks. shocking really it is.

Mick said...

Ace music (no surprise there) - don't worry about the discs they're robust little critters

dickvandyke said...

I recall that yellow cotton dress foaming like a wave
on the ground
around your knees.

I'm sure you'll have that recipe again ally.

Dozy mare!

davyh said...

I tried to post a sympathetic comment here last night from my 'I Am Ten' bedroom in The House Of The Aged Ps in deepest Devon as the rain lashed the window and it felt like being all at sea, but I couldn't make it work on the fiddly phone screen - BAH! They do rain and wind down there though, I can tell you.

I shall respond to your Q about Cobham, B. tomorrow too, 'appen x

Unknown said...

Oh Dear.

I'm just relieved there wasnt an unhappy ending.