Monday 20 July 2009

after the flood

post traumatic stress just about wearing off happily developing a healthy window closing obsession and barely letting the little beauties out of my sight after last weeks watery horrors and giving a few classics i'd been cruely neglecting a play out most especially this folk funk favourite

ellen mcilwaine - toe hold


spud said...

Sho' nuff folk-funky. She's all over that tune like a lively rash. Spirited. I like that.

Accompanying graphic: oh, the pathos! They must have seemed like a water-tight set of arguments when vinyl was going head to head with cassettes. Now it just reads like a summary of why vinyl lost the war against CDs.

There wouldn't be any point printing a similar defence on the sleeve of a CD. Because the tiny fonts would be illegible to the dwindling band of myopic middlescents who still buy music on physical media i.e. us, the bright vinyl kids of pop's yesteryear.

(But how future generations will laugh at those clumsy old mp3s as they beam the top ten ringtone jingles directly into their intracranial receiver chips....)

ally. said...

every album is a show in itself... heartbreaking isn't it.

and lets not mention bad eyes round here - there's a test looming that's not going to be good for anyone but the manufacturers of fine frames for the awkward customer


and isn't ellen fine - if you've not heard 'wings of a horse' i'll send it right on along

spud said...

Ooh yeah, please. I'll try and find a suitable swap. Have you got Davy Graham's version of Moanin'?

Fear not. I reckon glasses will work for you.