Friday 3 July 2009

torture in my heart

it's that time again duckies for a shameful linger in the murk of dansey place or perhaps a nice furtive lurk in the shadows of piccadilly arches. or jimmy somerville in trafalgar square if you're that way inclined. me i''l be saluting brigadistas and then getting overexcited about being in the same room as the second man on the moon. but i'll be thinking of you.

johnnie ray - just walking in the rain



Mondo said...

That looks like my kinda night out - have a tear up tomorrow lovely X

dickvandyke said...

Looking forward to a full report on my desk Monday morning.

Dane said...

Ooh, Ally - my first Johnnie Ray! Thank you!

spud said...

Top job fromthe Nabob of Sob...

Drag parade from left to right:-

1) Perky Dorothy Lamour thing going on here. Unsettling.

2) KD Lang's mum.

3) Barbara Stanwyck on stilts.

4) Her heart's not in it, is it?

5) You'll believe Tommy Cooper IS Mae West.

ally. said...

pleasure miss d

and spud you've put yourself top of the list of preferred charming hosts at any upcoming ms thing pageant