Wednesday 11 November 2009

i'm going to say it now

too many too many lost last year it's staggering alton and isaac and norman and levi and bo and eartha and freddie and all so this year we're celebrating the greats still with us shouting it loud and cheering them on whenever we can and being desperately desperately grateful for all the joy they've brung to our hungry souls before it's too late.

ah hell that was january that got wrote and gee but the years flown hasn't it just zoomed with the precious treasure of little anthony and the imperials still all unsung unshouted unroared right here right here where we adore them where we can't quite believe the goddamn rocknroll hall of fame managed to induct the blighters and we never even managed to cobble together some tatty twadle. i'm a disgrace.

so finally... little anthony and the imperials we salute you

all you need to know is in the hall of fame performance this year. majestic.

i desperately want to be playing you i'm on the outside looking in or the definitive goin' out of my head or northern showstopper better use your head but i don't want to spoil the thrill for you and damn these two'll just rip you up mighty fine

little anthony and the imperials - it's not the same

little anthony and the imperials - world of darkness

now get a greatest hits if nothing else


londonlee said...

They're wonderful aren't they? 'Hurt So Bad' is my fave. I have two old 60s albums of theirs on vinyl which surprisingly I picked up pretty cheap over here.

Mondo said...

Blow me, his singing's better than ever in that clip "aww man" indeed fab stuff..

Love World Of Darkness - that's what our Eddie should have been playing on Tuesday...but meeting you two and using chopsticks for the first time later on were the evening's highlights for me..

spud said...

Magnificent. That's how you EARN a standing ovation.

(Respect to the arranger and orchestra too cos they did 'em proud.)

davyh said...

Wow. That is one of the single best things I have ever seen. I'm in bits x

ally. said...

ain't it just...stunning


dickvandyke said...

And I feel like a new jigsaw shaken in is box. Better than anything else in the world right now.

drew said...


Mick said...

Fan-bloody-tastic. Ta.