Monday 9 November 2009

warm up

a quick bit of blog tennis with the mighty mondo. i think i've got more versions of light my fire than any other tune and this is a bit of a favourite starting off loungey ending up all jazz massive . and the doors do it rubbishest obviously.

the gerald wilson orchestra - light my fire



Mondo said...

Oh this is very good - I'll swap you for the Brian Sharp version when I find it.

spud said...

Classy. Do you ever line up all your Light My Fires for one whopping great version excursion? I would!

Love that Diana Dors ad...

ally. said...

The brian sharp's a new one to new mond so that'd be dandy if you find it
old gerald's a star round here - there's a killer version f California soul on this lp too

I did have a small go at a few in a row deciding which to pick for here and playng the one's over at mondo's but gee all of them togther at last? I think that's inviting spontaneous combustion