Wednesday 14 April 2010

double decker

the dells sing terry callier.

the dells - just as long as we're in love

the dells - i'd rather be with you



why have i only just discovered the dells huh ? why didn't i know ? i mean it's a charles stepney production a charles stepney production for gawd's sake and on cadet yes that cadet that cadet that on far too many days to mention might just be my favourite all time record label of all time what with that little seahorse thing going on and all or whatever it is it is a seahorse isn't it ? of course it is (goes to find record... yes it is i told you it was i knew it was...)

and are there more callier covers ? none i know that's for sure



Simon said...

The Dells? Stay In My Corner is an absolute classic. I can't get to my files right now otherwise I'd upload it you if you haven't got it already

But here's the youtube

Rob Ryan said...

You are so right !!

Dells = magic.

Still knocking out soul/disco heaven in 1980
with anthemic 'All about the paper'

Darcy said...

You've just inspired another post over at Feel It!

You can find Terry Callier's name credited on a number of Dells records at the beginning of the 70s. I've posted two more for you.

I always thought the "sea horse" was a just a horse inspired by the knight chess piece (as Cadet was a Chess sister label).

(I am relative newcomer to The Dells too.)

davyh said...

There's a lovely b-side version of Marvin's 'Flying High In A Friendly Sky' on the CD of What's Goin' On that features The Dells on backing vocals - what a combination! I think we all need to get more classic doo-wop. The world'd be a brighter place.

davyh said...

PS: Thank you Simon: 'Stay In My Corner' is up at my place x

Carmel said...

I like The Dells so much I went to see The Five Heartbeats - possibly a step too far, but great in places.

For a delicious melange of their voices with the Nicholas Bros, have a look and listen here

Top tchoons, Ally (and y'all). See you at Bet's.

ally. said...

bless you children. that's plugged some gaps and no mistake

Mick said...

The gang's all here! The Dells are Ace.