Saturday 3 April 2010

mick's up

it's ace this guest spot thingy. i just get to lounge around knocking back highballs willy nilly while the tunes and whatnot come tumbling in. this week it's the 99p soul brains behind the operation and chief pomade supplier slick mick bierne... sock it to em mb...

"You may have noticed that I've jumbled together a not too coherent selection - I love them all of course. They are a loose basket of originals, covers and a bit of theft - that's the I Know a Man Who and That's Love. One of them has nicked the chorus from the other (I suspect Sugar Hill are the guilty party, but I don't really know) - thought it might be of some interest, (maybe not)"

the intruders - rainy days and mondays

joe bataan - crystal blue persuasion

dee dee warwick - i'm gonna make you love me

tony joe white - what does it take

sammy davis jnr - up up and away

rance allen - i know a man who

sugar hill - that's love

and for the determined easy accesser...
mick's up

yes it is of some interest thank you very much dearie. lovely. anyone else want a go next ?



spud said...

Choice cuts, Mick!

'Crystal Blue Persuasion' playing right now...

Yr Heartout said...

Lovely stuff thank you. And it made me go all funny because (sadly) I remember having one of those cement mixers Matchbox things as a kid.

ally. said...

Ain't it just - all new to me too (as was spuds). ta very much much Mick dear

Mondo said...

Stellar selection and the TJW is a belter..

PS my Dusty mix is almost done

Dane said...

How have I lived all my life without that Sammy Davis Jr. cover? That song is love and kittens and cupcakes.

ally. said...

i know just what you mean dearie. there might be ducklings in there too

Mick said...

Thanks. Thanks to Ally for inviting me. Thanks for all the kind words. And in case anyone is interested there's a thing on youtube of SDjr doing Up,Up and Away and it's groovier than a fully decked garden.

ally. said...

it's you getts all the thanks there duckie - it's a smashing selection

Dane said...

Yes, ducklings! Thanks for the link, Mick!