Tuesday 30 March 2010


any given monday 1989 the rubber shorted darlings huddled under brollies on to the london apprentice and darkroom tristes us scooting down coronet street up the ricketiest stairs and past funny little beards to red stripe and the same records every week legendary records that yanked me thrilled from boys with guitars and stageless camden upstairses but the same records every week all the same rocksteady and richard doing the actions to the tsss tsss tsss hi hat breakdown cymande and brothers on the slide then the same trek down to the beigel bake and the night bus stop right by bloom's nodding heads all the way back to e11

aretha franklin - rock steady

cymande - brothers on the slide

with endless gratitude as always to the london nobody sings for flicking the switch



Dane said...

Ooh, camera lust.

Mondo said...

Ooh what pair of corkers - love the 'retha tune. I'm sure I've seen her and Tom Jones doing a double frug to it.

Any pics of Canon AE1 Programs in the vaults? My ol' trusty one saw me all through art college only to be nicked on a trip to Edinburgh in 91

davyh said...

You've made me nostalgic for it and I wasn't even there x

Rob Ryan said...

makes me nostalgic for rubber shorts...good times.

ally. said...

i can laugh now but he really did play the same records every time. they should be burned into my brain but it's so spongy these days i can't quite make them out

and i realised 'the crying game' gives us as good a vision of hoxton/shoreditch round this kinda time as anything

spud said...

Ta for Cymande. I mean to get hold of that that every time I hear it but have never got round to it. Only got Listen on the pod and The Message on a scratchy old K-Tel comp.

Start with a Best Of? Or is there a standout album we ought to know about?

I miss the Bass Clef too although I was downstairs at jazz gigs with the funny little beards rather than rare groovin' upstairs with Norman. Bring it back, chequered tablecloths, gassy Lowenbrau and all! And restore the whole pre-trendification East End while you're at it. (Except for the throng of bonehead nazis who used to grunt and snuffle outside the MA-1 shop on Brick Lane. They can just be handcuffed, drenched in baby oil, and herded into the backroom of the London Apprentice to await an uncertain fate.)

Wonder if we ever queued next to each other in the Beigel Bake?

spud said...

P.S. Warning: a couple of jumps in the download if anyone's bothered by that.

Word verification: scipp!

ally. said...

the best of does it for me mister but i bet there's more goodies on those first couple of lps proper

i've repaired the version here too so you should be able to grab a jump free one now - ta for the nod

i've gone right off of hoxton. it was how imagined one of those awful holiday resorts last time i was there. and not in a good way neither. unfortunately if we want it back i think we'd have to have the scary skinheads too - maybe we always need a bit of fear to keep us on our toes.

i'm sure everyones queued with everyone at the beigel bake at some time or other


Piley said...

I'm sure my mum had one of those Boots cameras in the 60's and\or 70's. You had to buy little flash cubes to sit on tope (4 goes in each), so night-time shots were at a premium!

Great tracks too!