Friday 15 October 2010

be mine tonight

busy getting nowhere nowhere the whole day through all a bit befuddled and what have you. a small half with elvis helped no end. he does get a bit rowdy when he's had a few mind

elvis - surrender (torna a surriento)

glorious photo of the black horse,preston by george d. thompson


davyh said...

Did he like the bus station?

ally. said...

Oh hell yes. Who wouldn't?

dickvandyke said...

Is he looking at you, up at the bar getting the crawfish pie n pickled eggs in?

Empty ash tray - good. Don't want him slippin into any bad habits.

davyh said...

*curls lip* 'Hey Miss Ally - git me some of them pork scratchin's too will ya honey? Thanya verr much'

spud said...

It's the beast in him.

(p.s. don't let him near the dartboard if he's been on the prescription tranquilisers.)