Saturday 16 October 2010

hanging on a memory

cry and wail children loud and long cos now we're another huge voice down. it's sounding like the sadder everytime phone calls to my dad round here these days always another funeral and another and another friends neighbours the lovely woman who ran the photo library ken from round the corner solomon and general johnson. go play your beautiful blue invictuses my dears then play them all again

chairmen of the board - when will she tell me she needs me

chairmen of the board - all we need is understanding



Simon said...

I was going to post something, but you've said it all.


glen said...

only thing to be done bittersweet or just bitter well have to keep it the former lets play the music and celabrate there lives

spud said...

Sad, sad, sad. Beautiful songs though.

Anonymous said...

Gutted,so sad,thoroughly ruined my week!!!

londonlee said...

General Johnson??? Bugger me, I didn't know.